Where is Hunting the Most Popular in the US?

While it’s impossible to find statistics on how many people hunt each year, we’ll look at some of the more common types of game in the US. In many states, hunters focus on squirrels and rabbits, as they’re plentiful and occupy nearly every rural landscape. Other hunters may target foxes to keep them away from small farm animals, such as sheep, and coyotes can cause problems for farmers. Still, other species are hunted in various capacities across the US.


The largest deer population in the US is found in Iowa. Due to consistent food sources and an abundant farmland, deer in the state grow to enormous size. Deer hunters in Iowa take in some of the biggest bucks each year, making the state one of the most popular hunting destinations in the US. The state limits the number of deer hunters, as an overpopulation can have serious impacts on agriculture and the local wildlife.

While there are many advantages to hunting in Iowa, a large portion of the state’s success has to do with its reputation as a trophy-rich state. The state has a large herd, and hunters come from all over the world to enjoy the game. In addition to the large herd, the state has an abundance of food sources, which makes it one of the most popular hunting destinations in the US.


With nearly 23 million acres of public land, Colorado is the most popular hunting state in the country. The state boasts a diverse variety of game species, including elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat, black bear, and pheasants. It also boasts a very successful waterfowl season that runs from the beginning of the teal season in September through the spring snow goose season.

While Colorado is far from Denver, it is no wonder that its residents don’t wear camouflage in grocery stores. In fact, they often camp on the side of mountains, and climb peaks to chase mountain goats and bighorn sheep. Millions of acres of National Forest and Bureau of Land Management land are available to avid hunters. Thousands of miles of public land make up the eastern plains of the state, where hunters can hunt mule deer, pronghorn, and a variety of upland birds. Its duck hunting is among the nation’s best.

Louisiana duck hunting

Among the most popular locations in the US for waterfowl hunting is Louisiana. This state’s marshes and swamps have hordes of waterfowl that winter here. These waters also provide breeding habitat for wood, mottled, and whistling ducks, and these species of birds make Louisiana duck hunting one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Louisiana and birdwatching.

For a truly spectacular duck hunt, head to the eastern portion of the state. The ducks can be found along the Mississippi and White rivers. One of the best places in Louisiana to go duck hunting is Dale Bumpers White River NWR, 90 miles of flooded timber that borders rice fields. Be sure to get a permit before hunting there. Other excellent hunting locations in Louisiana include Bayou Meto WMA, Earl Buss Bayou DeView WMA, and Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge.


The state of Arkansas is home to some of the country’s best fishing and hunting opportunities. From action-packed fishing lakes to large game hunting, Arkansas has something for everyone. It is the most popular hunting state in the US, and there are countless opportunities to try out a new sport or activity. Find out why this state is so popular with hunters! Here are a few reasons to visit Arkansas and start hunting!

The state is home to many species of deer. Almost eleven million hunters in the US pursue deer, with over 300,000 of those individuals hailing from Arkansas. Deer hunters are more common than other animals, such as squirrel and duck, who are also popular in Arkansas. And with the abundant amount of water in the state, waterfowl hunting in Arkansas is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.


There are several reasons to hunt in Idaho, but primarily the availability of deer and elk. The state collects six million dollars in hunting fees each year, and nearly nine thousand people annually go elk hunting in Idaho. Although gray wolves have long been a nuisance to hunters in Idaho, the state’s legislature expanded wolf hunting opportunities this year by allowing for year-round trapping and unlimited wolf killing. Nonresident hunters can also use night-vision goggles, silencers, and ATVs and snowmobiles to hunt deer in Idaho.

The Blacktail Deer Range in Idaho offers many opportunities for hunters to stalk the animals. The Blacktail Deer Range is a large region with high, grassy ground that is suitable for ranching. As in many Western states, Idaho places people before animals and requires that hunting enthusiasts behave respectfully. If someone is hurting or threatening others, they must report them to law enforcement. Likewise, Idaho hunters must respect each other.

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For those looking for big game, Wyoming is a great choice. The state’s expansive landscape features canyons, lakes, and rushing rivers, which attract a diverse range of wildlife. Visitors are encouraged to follow proper behavior, as the residents of the state take respect and manners seriously. For those looking for a more tranquil experience, Wyoming offers a number of small towns, such as Laramie, where the University of Wyoming is located.

Big game is plentiful in Wyoming, with over 98,000 square miles of terrain offering opportunities to hunt big game. Wildlife in the state includes bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, wolves, and mountain goats. The state’s pristine air is an additional plus. Rifle and bow hunting are common in the state. In addition to big game, hunters can enjoy a range of wildlife species, including mountain lions, black bears, wolves, and elk.


If you’re a fan of big game hunting, Utah is one of the best places to do so. In 2014, 11.6 million hunters pursued big game, spending 212 million days and $16.9 billion in the process. In Utah, 86,550 general season deer hunting permits were awarded, with 10% of them going to non-residents. The mild winter and wet spring should have made the conditions for mule deer in Utah very favorable.

The state has great elk hunting, though there are fewer 400-inch bulls than they were 8-10 years ago. Hunting units in Utah include the Dutton, Beaver, Panguitch, Book Cliffs, and Manti. Despite the high tag count, the Wasatch unit boasts large herds of elk. Hard work, a good hunter, and patience can bring home a 350-plus bull.


A hunter’s paradise, Alaska is a favorite US destination for big game species. Large game animals can be found throughout the state, including brown bears, moose, and caribou. Those who are interested in small game species can try salmon fishing. In addition to big game animals, Alaska is home to numerous species of sheep, goats, and wolves. For hunters, a trip to Alaska is not complete without a hunting license.

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For the avid hunter, Alaska is the Jurassic Park of big game hunting. Featuring brown bears the size of Volkswagen buses, huge herds of caribou, and the largest moose in the world, Alaska is the original sportsman’s paradise. The state is home to vast tracts of public lands that are larger than many European countries. While Alaska is rarely accessible, it’s certainly worth the trip.


Alaska is the Jurassic Park of big game hunting, and the place to go if you want to hunt big game. Here you’ll find brown bears the size of Volkswagen buses, enormous caribou herds, and some of the world’s largest moose. This original sportsman’s paradise is home to more public lands than most European nations. Of course, the state isn’t always easy to access, so you’ll have to plan your trip accordingly.

Where is hunting the most popular in the US, by type? The US has many states with good hunting opportunities. The majority of states have whitetail deer, but a few do not. The whitetail deer population in these states is large enough to support millions of hunters every year. In addition to deer, hunters can also find other game, such as bear and elk. There are no restrictions on how many you can hunt per season, so no matter what level you’re at, you’ll find a great place to hunt.

What areas are off limits to hunting? In Maine, there are many rules about hunting, and some areas are completely off limits to hunters. These rules vary depending on county. In Waldo County, you can hunt in all public parks, except for those with deer fences. Sebago County hunters can hunt on the grounds of public colleges and universities. And in Penobscot County, you can hunt only in the corporate limits of any city.

Unlawful hunting areas in Waldo County

If you’re in search of unlicensed hunting in Waldo County, Maine, you’ll need to know the rules. While general hunting is allowed in state parks and built-up areas, it’s illegal to hunt Gray Squirrels. Unlawful hunting in the county includes Haley Pond and Dallas Plantation in Rangeley, Maine. You must obtain written permission from the Bureau of Land Management to take any animals.

The law prohibits hunting anywhere within a hundred yards of a visible dwelling house. There are exceptions, however, for certain types of hunting. You may not hunt raccoons or foxes within 100 yards of a dwelling. Aside from that, hunting in these areas is illegal at any time of the year. If you do get caught, you may be fined up to $10,000 and have to serve a three-month jail sentence.

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Hunting is prohibited in the following areas in Waldo County: Andrews Beach, Bradbury Mountain State Park west of State Route 9, Crescent Beach, Kettle Cove, Damariscotta Lake, Ferry Beach, Holbrook Island Sanctuary, Nickerson Lake, and Two Lights. Additionally, alcohol and firearms are banned in these areas. During all seasons, you must also wear blaze orange when hunting.

According to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources, more than 100,000 people applied for 3,000 moose permits in June. But in Waldo County, just 45 permits were issued, and the population is less dense than in other counties. Consequently, Krennerich and his father planned to hunt in the county for one week. During the fall, they plan to bag a moose. By hunting in Waldo County, they became the first people to bag a moose in the county in 73 years.

The illegal hunting areas in Waldo County include the right-of-way and the paved way. It is prohibited to hunt bobcat, beaver, or foxes with rifles or handguns using center-fire ammunition. If you do, you can also hunt foxes, coyotes, and foxes. However, you must have the permission of the area manager.

Unlawful hunting areas in Penobscot County

Despite the laws regarding moose, grouse, and other species, hunting is not permitted in all areas in Penobscot County. In addition, non-tribal members may not actively participate in sustenance hunting. However, they may call moose on behalf of tribal members. This is a violation of Penobscot County’s hunting laws. Listed below are the prohibited and allowed areas to hunt in the county.

In general, there are three areas in Penobscot County that are off limits to hunting. Andrews Beach, Bradbury Mountain State Park, and Kettle Cove are all areas where hunting is prohibited. In addition, you cannot hunt in the area near Abol Stream or the West Branch of the Penobscot River. In addition, certain areas are closed to hunting during certain seasons for public safety and security.

On top of these areas, hunters should be aware of the territory of the PASSAMAQUODDY TRIBE in Penobscot County. The tribe has territory in areas around Old Town and Marsh Island, which are open to bow hunting. In general, however, hunters can only hunt wild animals and birds in these areas from October 1 to March 31. For example, hunters should not hunt wild birds and animals on railroad tracks and bridges. Moreover, hunting on the Penobscot Indian Reservation is prohibited.

In order to hunt in Penobscot County, hunters must first obtain a sustenance permit. This permit is issued by the Penobscot Tribal Council, and is valid for a season. It will allow hunters to hunt during designated seasons, and they must be at least 16 years of age. A sustenance permit will allow hunters to hunt on the land where they live. The permits are issued by the Penobscot Indian Nation Tribal Council. The permits are not issued automatically, so hunters must apply for them.

In addition to this, the Penobscot Nation is responsible for regulating the hunting and trapping activities in this area. The Penobscot Nation’s authority over the area includes all islands of the Penobscot River, including Indian Island. Moreover, the Penobscot Nation has the power to nominate one nonvoting representative to the Maine House of Representatives.

There are numerous laws in Maine to regulate hunting activities. There are laws prohibiting the discharge of loaded firearms and placing bait on public reserved land. However, if you’re interested in hunting deer, this book will help you avoid violating these laws. The book also offers helpful tips and advice on how to hunt legally in Penobscot County. It has a 16-page index and is written in plain English.

Unlawful hunting areas in Sebago County

There are numerous illegal hunting areas throughout Sebago County. The following areas are prohibited from hunting: Andrews Beach, Bradbury Mountain State Park west of State Route 9, Crescent Beach, Kettle Cove, Damariscotta Lake, Ferry Beach, Holbrook Island Sanctuary, Nickerson Lake, Quoddy Head, Sebago Lake, Two Lights, and Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Parks. In addition, these areas are sometimes closed to hunting in the interest of public safety.

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The death of Peter Kolofsky was not the first to occur in the area. A few years ago, Briggs was indicted on a charge of manslaughter in connection with the death of a hunter, Peter Kolofsky. Kolofsky, 46, was killed when Briggs mistaken him for a deer. Investigators with the Maine Warden Service said that Kolofsky was wearing blaze orange while hunting and Briggs did not know that he had a human target.

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