Hunting Vs Fishing

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Regardless of whether you prefer the thrill and suspense of hunting or the tranquility of fishing, the two sports have many advantages. Both are fun, humane, and inexpensive, but what do you really enjoy about each one? Here are some of the pros and cons of fishing over hunting. Read on to find out which … Read more

Is Bear Hunting With No Weapons Ethical?

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Is bear hunting with no weapons ethical? Answer: It depends. This article will discuss the issues, methods, ethics, and solutions. We will see how these methods affect the ethics of hunting bears. This article does not advocate hunting bears with no weapons. It simply points out some ethical issues in this process. We will also … Read more

Why is Hunting Animals Allowed in Our Society?

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Many people wonder: Why is hunting allowed in our society? There are many different reasons, including health, conservation, and reducing conflicts with wildlife. Subsistence hunting reduces conflicts with wildlife, while sport hunting promotes wellness. But there are also ethical concerns about hunting. Read on to find out why hunting is still allowed. And, if you’re … Read more

How Cruel Is Hunting?

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There is an endless debate over whether hunting is cruel or not. Arguments range from Animal liberationism to Ecocentrism. The impact on the ecosystem is also a major issue. This article addresses these issues. Read on to discover the varying sides of the debate. Also, learn about the effects of hunting on the ecosystem. And … Read more

Hunting and the Environment

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Many people have a strong opinion about the environment and whether or not they should hunt. Although many people enjoy the activity, other people have concerns about the environmental impact of hunting. Others argue that hunting is cruel and disturbs nature’s balance. Whether you agree or disagree with hunting, here are a few reasons why … Read more

What Countries Are Similar to Michigan?

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How much space would a country the size of Michigan take up? Here’s a quick rundown. While West Virginia, Alaska, and Syria are all larger than Michigan, none of them are nearly as large. But, if you want to know what countries are similar to Michigan, keep reading! You might be surprised! Continue reading for … Read more

How to Find a Nonprofit Job in Portland, Oregon

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The cost of living in Portland is about 22 percent higher than in Detroit. Although traffic is bad, the weather in Portland is mild and the cost of housing is also a bit higher than in Detroit. If you’re planning to move to Portland for employment, there are several nonprofit opportunities available. Below are some … Read more

Michigan Sucks

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The main reason Michigan sucks is its history. Its head coach for sixteen years, Bo Schembechler, was a mediocre 5-12 in bowl games and never reached the top of the national rankings. While the Wolverines never topped the rankings, they finished in the top ten sixteen times, winning three bowl games. Yet, Michigan won no … Read more

What Summer in Michigan is Like

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If you’ve ever wondered what summer in Michigan is like, look no further. Here, we cover Activities, Weather, Attractions, and the Best Time to Visit. Then, come back later to check out the coolest things to do in the area. You can plan your visit to coincide with one of these events. Whether you plan … Read more

What Can You Do in Northern Michigan?

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If you’ve ever wanted to go swimming, you’ll love this place. If you’re looking for the perfect place to do it, northern Michigan has plenty of water to choose from. Big and Little Glen Lakes are popular options, as are North and South Lake Leelanau, Long Lake, Silver and Skegemog lakes. Of course, Lake Michigan … Read more