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MDHA : Michigan Duck Hunters Association is a group of conservation-minded hunters, who understand the rich history and limitless future of the sport of waterfowling. We are a diverse group with many different backgrounds, stories, and experiences. And although we don't always agree where the best spot will be or how we should throw out our decoys, we know how to stay true to our shared passion. Because our passion is not just a hobby. It is a tradition that is a promise not just to MDHA : Michigan Duck Hunters Association, but to ourselves that we will always endeavor...

To preserve and improve the sport of waterfowling, particularly in the State of Michigan...

To protect, preserve, and respect the natural environments conducive to the protection, feeding, and reproduction of all waterfowl species...

To conduct educational programs related to waterfowl, conservation, sportsmanship and safe hunting...

To study, advise, recommend, and secure enactment of legislation in the interest of waterfowling its perpetuation...

And to cooperate, when appropriate, with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, sportsmen, and any sportsmen's organizations to conserve and protect the natural environment, and all wildlife.

Fundraising and implementing conservation locally to achieve our Statewide mission of preserving and improving waterfowl populations, the habitats they use, and the tradition of waterfowling!

MDHA aims to make a difference where it matters most for its members and all waterfowlers: where you hunt! MDHA has Local Chapters in the Detroit Metro, Lansing, Holland, Muskegon, Tri-Cities, and Cadillac areas, and we're looking to expand. Contact us and visit our website www.miduckhunters.org if you're interested in joining or starting a chapter!

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Read stories and news about waterfowl hunting and waterfowl hunting in the state of Michigan. We will provide updated information and news about the sport of waterfowl hunting for all waterfowl hunting enthusiasts nationally and in Michigan.

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Michigan Waterfowl Counts

Check out the latest updated information about Michigan Waterfowl Counts around the state of Michigan. Here you can find out what the latest waterfowl counts are around Michigan's Waterfowl Refuges.

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Michigan Duck Hunters Association

Michigan Waterfowl Stamps

Information regarding the Michigan Waterfowl Stamp contest and the Junior Michigan Waterfowl Stamp contest. Providing information about the Michigan Waterfowl Stamp contests and purchusing the Michigan Waterfowl Stamp online.

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Michigan Waterfowl Stamp

Michigan Duck Hunters Association

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Find out more about our Michigan Chapters, chapter meeting times, chapter contact information, & joining one of our chapters to participate.

Michigan Duck Hunters Association

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